StandOut Near-Term Roadmap - November 2023

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StandOut Near-Term Roadmap - November 2023

The items listed below are tentative and intended for directional planning purposes. The details and assigned releases of each item are subject to change at any time. Release dates may also change as needed.

December 2, 2023
Release 5.31
Notification Schedule
StandOut users will now have the ability to customize on which days and times they receive email notifications. We're so pleased to be able to deliver reminders and coaching tips to your inbox at a time that is best for you!
StandOut Strengths Coaching Certification
The newly revised StandOut®️ Strengths Coaching Certification, including a deeper dive into TMBC’s strengths coaching model, provides professional coaches with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to coach individuals from a strengths-based perspective. This certification combines virtual classroom learning, 1:1 mentoring with a TMBC-certified coach, and peer-to-peer coaching to build a solid foundation for becoming a strengths-based coach.
Conversations UX Updates
Thanks to user feedback shared in listening sessions, we're planning a few upgrades for the Conversations user experience, including adding clarity around when a Conversation should be marked as "complete" and allowing edits to be made during live Conversations.
January 13, 2024
Release 5.32
Help Button
We're making it easier than ever to find relevant content within StandOut by adding a help button that will serve up curated Knowledge Base articles right in the platform - meeting you right where you are, with the answers you need!
Conversations Enhancements
We're excited to bring several enhancements to our Conversations feature, to facilitate even more connection within your organization. The "Our Check-In Partnership" and "Understanding Our StandOut Roles" Conversation Guides are being upgraded to Interactive Conversations, and a new Conversation Guide focusing on mentorship and growth will be available.
Shareable Engagement Pulse Results
An enhancement is coming your way that will make it easier to share out Engagement Pulse results, helping leaders to give better visibility both to their teams and their leaders.
Engagement Pulse Debrief Survey Customization
Organizations will be able to add custom questions to the Engagement Pulse Debrief survey (introduced with Release 5.30), allowing you to collect data specific to your organization's unique needs.
Engagment Pulse Window Flexibility
You'll soon be able to launch Engagement Pulses for longer than the current standard of 14 days, allowing organizations the flexibility to collect responses over an extended period of time.
Snapshot Sharing
Soon it will be easier than ever to share your unique strengths and tendencies with others; we're creating the ability to share a link directly to the Snapshot page to facilitate quick and easy strength communication.
March 9, 2024
Release 5.33
Heat Maps & Charts
Engagement Pulse reporting is key to understanding the state of your workforce, and we're investing resources to make these results even more meaningful and accessible. We're working towards the ability for practitioners to export heat maps and charts, making it easier for them to share out the metrics that tell their organization's engagement story.
StandOut New User Journey
We're creating an experience that will help leaders welcome new team members into StandOut with an easy-to-follow path to enhance their understanding of their strengths.
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