Release 5.29 (August 5, 2023)

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Release 5.29 (August 5, 2023)

Hello StandOut Community!


StandOut 5.29 went live on August 5th, 2023, and with this release we’re pleased to introduce you to the new Strength Statement Builder, a Conversations enhancement especially for our Magnet healthcare clients, and more. So please take a moment to sit back and read on for the full scoop🍦.

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+Other+fun+strengths+news+for+you+this+cycle+includes:">💪🏼 Other fun strengths news for you this cycle includes:

  • It’s not too late!⌛️ Please join our upcoming Building Connection through StandOut one-hour webinar, taking place on Wednesday, August 23 at 10 am – 11 am PST.  TMBC’s Vice President of Leader Development, Amy Powell, will discuss research on the importance of leader and peer relationships at work and share tools and strategies to help people build strong, meaningful connections. Register now to learn more.

  • Speaking of connection, did you know that a weekly check-in with employees can transform employer-employee connection? 💫
  • Amy Leschke-Kahle, TMBC’s Vice President of Performance Acceleration, discusses the phenomena of loud quitting in this  RecruitingDaily Podcast. 🎧

Release Date: August 5, 2023

Please note that these release notes delineate the items launched on the date shown above. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Client Success Partner or


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NEW Strength Statement Builder

Magnet Healthcare Peer Connect Enhancement

StandOut Platform Language Enhancement


My Snapshot
New Feature: Strength Statement Builder


Knowing and leveraging your strengths—those activities that you are good at and make you feel strong-- is foundational to StandOut. Yet for many of us, it’s not so easy to just rattle off the list of things we do that bring us joy. We’ve created the Strength Statement Builder to help users quickly identify and precisely describe the activities that they love doing. Because the sooner you know what your strengths are, the sooner you’ll be able to articulate them to colleagues and put them to work to find love in your job.

Watch this short video and read on to learn more:


The Statement Builder provides detailed, step-by-step guidance for crafting a statement that will speak to your inherent strengths. It will be located on the My Snapshot page, right above the Come to Me When section.

Strength Statement Builder in My Snapshot

In the Strength Statement Builder section users will first see a box encouraging them to get specific about their strengths.  When they select “Let’s Go”, they’ll be asked “Do you want to walk through building a Strength Statement or write it yourself?”:


I’ll Enter it Myself:

  • Users who select this option are presented with an example Strength Statement and then prompted to select a verb and enter details clarifying the subject, audience/team, and objective of their strength.


Walk Me Through It:

  • Users who select this option will see a series of screens similar to the “I’ll Enter it Myself” option shown above and will also have options to select if the subject or topic matters, if it matters who the activity is for, and if it matters what the objective of the activity is. Their Strength Statement will be automatically adjusted based on the responses to these prompts, creating an even easier user experience. 
  • Due to the complexity of certain language structures, the “Walk Me Through It” option is only available to users who have their platform language set to English.
Strength Statement Builder


While it’s critical to know and articulate your own strengths to find a path to love at work, it’s also important to recognize other people’s strengths so that you can help them shine. Users will be able to see what Strength Statements others have shared by searching for them in People Search and clicking on their Snapshot.

You also may notice that Strength Statements share some similarities with Come to Me When Statements; both are places for users to share activities that they love doing. The difference is that Strength Statements are enduring—they should capture those strengths that you’ve always had, that follow you throughout life and across jobs. Come to Me When Statements tend to capture the here and now; they are reflective of the tasks and responsibilities that you enjoy in your current job. That’s why we’ve created the option to make Strength Statements public OR private, allowing users to document even those strengths they’d rather not share in their current job.



Strengths Statements are defaulted to ON and users will see an in-platform notification that this new feature is available. Like Come to Me When statements, Strength Statements will remain in the language you created in them in; no automatic translation will occur.

So give it a try! Maybe you struggle to identify what your inherent strengths are, and the Strength Statement Builder will help you to identify those hidden loves. Or maybe you’re a strength superstar with a long list of strengths, and the Strength Statement Builder will help you to more precisely define and focus on those activities that are best for you.  Either way, the Strength Statement Builder has something for everyone who seeks a better understanding of their red threads


Enhancement: Magnet Healthcare Peer Connect Enhancement


A common enhancement request that we’ve heard from our healthcare clients is to evolve StandOut to enable supporting their work towards Magnet compliance. Magnet Recognition is a major badge of honor, and to remain compliant, healthcare organizations are required to establish a formalized peer connection system for their nurses. We’re so pleased to introduce a solution with this release that can allow our clients to satisfy this need directly in StandOut and do it through a strengths-based lens. These users will now be able to launch, complete and track completion of their Magnet peer connect conversations using the same Conversations hub as Milestone Connect. As Magnet conversations are for peers, nurses can select any other StandOut user in their organization to connect with.


Peer-to-Peer Connect Conversation


This specific Interactive Conversation will be defaulted OFF for all clients, and our Client Success team will work with existing healthcare clients to determine plans for turning the feature on.

Once launched, the Peer-to-Peer Connect Conversation will guide both participants through a simple, action-oriented conversation about the strengths and development opportunities of the Peer Requester. Once both parties have completed the reflection, they’ll advance to the conversation itself. They’ll be able to view both their responses and those of their colleague and will be provided with a conversation guide and space to record actions taken away from the conversation. After they’ve connected, both parties will be able to mark the Peer-to-Peer Connect Conversation as complete. StandOut practitioners will be able to track completion with a new “Peer-to-Peer Connect” filter in the Conversations Usage Report. It’s a simple process to facilitate a strengths-based conversation, all while helping organizations to remain Magnet compliant.


StandOut Platform
Enhancement: Canadian French Language


Users who have their preferred platform language set to Canadian French may notice some text changes in StandOut.  We’ve worked with localization experts to understand how these users would appreciate seeing things worded and have updated language throughout the platform accordingly. 🍁

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