Level Up: NEW Mini Tutorial Videos

  • 15 January 2024
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We’re so glad to know that StandOut users have been enjoying the videos we create for new feature releases. Based on that, we’re experimenting with bringing more videos on more topics to you and your organization! We’re creating NEW mini tutorial videos on frequently-used features for you to reference and share with your teams. Each video is bite-sized at two minutes or less for convenient viewing. 


New videos are available to walk you through Submitting a Check-In and Reviewing Your Team's Check-Ins, and we've added them right into Knowledge Base articles for you. If you've never visited our Knowledge Base before, you can flow through the one-time registration quickly and easily using your StandOut login credentials. Just click on one of the above links to get started! For additional topics, please be sure to check out the rest of the Knowledge Base for our full library of articles!


🎤 We'd love to hear from you: What other StandOut topics would you like to see this video series cover? Let us know in the comments below! 


📽️🍿 Our first video focuses on the StandOut feature that most directly improves team engagement: the Check-In.


4 replies

Would love to see a mini tutorial for Focus Areas. We receive tons of questions on how to access them, so it would be immensely helpful. Another thought is for Milestone Connect and how to launch a Milestone Connect within Conversations. Thanks!

Hi there, @Alicia.Faneuil! 👋🏻 Thanks so much for weighing in with both ideas! We’ll note them for the future. 

Agree on Milestone Connects! Lots of questions about those every quarter, between updates and the space between them, people forget a lot.

This may not be the place for it, but I was also thinking maybe some examples for managers to see how to better utilize the tools in Stand out such as coaching as well as what they need to do on a weekly basis and quarterly (we do PP EP and MC quarterly). I was looking for something that managers, either new or as a refresher/refocus could go through either to reinforce doing their ‘people leading’ actions with stand out (walks them through how they would use stand out with their team from check ins, conversations, and milestones to performance pulse thought processes and how to debrief teams after an engagement pulse, reading and understanding those results, etc.) So far I’ve done hands-on individual training with new managers coupled with Youtube videos from Marcus Buckingham linked through a learning path in our training system (Litmos). It’s not bad from the ‘concept’ side of things, but still leaves some practical questions or some managers feeling like they need something else. Was thinking something more ‘new manager’ focused on a series of tutorials geared toward them regarding the tools in stand out more comprehensively. (This may even already exist. :) I know there are ‘train the trainer’ options, team training, etc. but just would love to see a video series geared toward managers that covers most of what they can and should do with stand out as a ‘tool chest’. 

Hi there, @Julia.Timbrook ! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. I love all of the creative ideas you’re employing with your organization! 💖

I’m glad to know that a Milestone Connect tutorial video will be valuable to you and your org, as we’re just putting final touches on that new video, and will be releasing it later this month!

Along with that video, we’re creating 3 Engagement Pulse mini tutorial videos - one focused on responding to an EP (as a member of a team), one focused on launching an EP (as a leader of a team), and the last focused on reviewing/understanding your EP results (as a leader of a team). As these videos are published, we’ll share the news in our release notes in the blog, and will also add them to relevant Knowledge Base articles so they’re easy to find in the future. We already did that with the mini Check-In videos here and here

We’ll also be sending out another communication around March 5th talking more about StandOut coaching (including a video). I hope these will be valuable for some of what you mention above. The idea you shared of a learning area for new managers is intriguing. 💡 We’ll add this to our idea bank!

In the meantime, perhaps a few of these articles from our Knowledge Base could help support your efforts? (Keep in mind that if your org members are accessing that area of the community for the first time, they’ll need to register like you did, and then log in using their StandOut credentials via SSO.)

Also, in 2020, we shared some resources to help Team Leaders connect with their teams virtually, or leading through challenging times. There are some linked resources in here that are potentially worth reviewing:

And within this section of the Knowledge Base, there are some feature-specific articles that you could share with leaders of teams in your org:


Thanks again for all the great ideas!