Product Ideation Guide

  • 13 October 2023
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Product Ideation Guide
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Have an idea for StandOut? Read on for next steps!

If you have an idea for a new feature or input regarding the way things work, we’d love to hear from you!  Please follow the steps below:

1. Search for existing ideas related to your topic

It’s possible that your idea—or something similar-- may have already been submitted by another user. Please use the search function to see if there’s an existing idea or discussion on your topic.  If there is, simply show your support for the existing idea with a vote, or comment on the thread with additional details. It helps to build on the existing engagement of an idea rather than trying to build it from scratch. 

2. Create your idea

If you don’t find an existing idea or discussion related to your topic, please share your new idea by clicking on the “Submit a New Idea” button on the Ideas landing page and provide the following information:

Subject: The topic or high-level objective of your idea

Description: Provide details that clearly define your requirements, including:

  • A clearly defined use case or business problem that is not met with current functionality
  • The value this feature would bring to the broader community of users like you
  • If possible, include links to related content that further explains why existing functionality does not meet your needs

Product Area: Please select Product Area(s) from the dropdown box (ex. Assessment, Check-In, etc.) to provide clarity around the StandOut feature(s) related to your idea.

Tags: Add and/or create a new tag relevant to your idea.  Tags contribute greatly to ‘find-ability” so make sure you add keywords as tags to your post, so that other users can find your idea to vote for it.

3. Submit your idea

Click on “Create” and you’re done!  You will receive alerts when the status is updated or when there is activity on your submission.


What happens after you submit your idea?

When your idea begins to pick up activity (ex. up-votes and comments) it is reviewed by the Product Manager (PM) who is responsible for determining next steps. The details you provide help the PM understand the importance of your request as they consider whether to include the enhancement on the roadmap.

It’s never a straight route from Idea Submission to Idea Release, however we will regularly update the status for all submissions, so you’ll always know where they stand. Submission statuses could include the following:

  • Idea Submitted – Your idea has been submitted and is awaiting review.  Depending on idea complexity, some submissions may remain at this status for multiple weeks until we have capacity to fully explore them.
  • We’re Exploring – Your idea has been reviewed and is being considered by a Product Manager. At this time, it's too early to say whether or not the idea will become a part of our roadmap and development timeline.
  • Great Minds Think Alike - Your submission is the same as—or very similar to--another idea submission, so we merged them together.
  • On the Roadmap - The Product Team has added this idea to our roadmap and is working to develop it.
  • Idea Released - We're excited to share your idea was developed and has been released. Its available to use in StandOut!
  • Idea Closed – After reviewing your idea, we’ve decided not to add it to our development roadmap at this time. This could be for a number of reasons, including already-planned features and enhancements that you may not have visibility to. We value your ideas and appreciate your willingness to share them with us.    

Now you’re ready to share your idea!  If you have any questions on the process steps above, please feel free to ask here!   

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